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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be the hero of a fantasy novel?

Ever ached to get away from the mundane, and explore the realms of fiction, even just for a short time?

If so, the Arcanorum Team invites you to join a community of over a hundred like-minded people, and spend a weekend up in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, or the wide expanses of our sister Kansas chapter, Grimoire, to indulge in a fantastical adventure run by our dedicated and talented staff.

While here, you'll take on a persona of an adventurer in a high fantasy setting for an entire weekend at our LARP (Live Action Roleplaying) event. Many adventures await you in-game: a young person may rush into town seeking for assistance in dealing with a wounded demon, or a horde of the unliving may stumble into one of the outlying villages and pleas for aid may interrupt your meal. Then, perhaps, the local wisewoman will seek your aid in creating arcane barriers against evil powers and will pay you a small sum of money to do so. Vampires may even be lurking around the cabins late at night, hunting the unwary.

How you choose to tackle these and many other threads of story in our interactive events is up to you, your team, and the community at large!

Getting Started

We suggest starting by joining our Discord and introducing yourself! Our community is full of wonderful people who can help you get started. Beyond that there are many routes to follow. We think visiting the Rules is a good starting point to understand the game, and from there exploring the Lore to understand the world of Arcanorum in the last several in-game years.